The culinary review of Jonnie Boer

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In the restaurant, Jonnie Boer seeks to revise the traditional cuisine of the Netherlands through a contemporary vision chasing the essential flavors above all.

Strength to express yourself as you best know, through the kitchen, Jonnie Boer has elevated his restaurant, Of balance, to the highest culinary peaks. The space is one of the most important dining rooms in the whole of Holland, the gastronomic guide par excellence, the Michelin, has awarded three stars and gastronomy enthusiasts from different parts of the world travel to the town of Zwolle, where it is located, only for Live the experience. It’s on top, it’s like this.

Being aware that one is not in any restaurant, not even in a gastronomic use, is easy. It’S Been Noticeable since you get to the place. The building that gives shelter to the business and also to a hotel belonging to the luxury chain Relais & Châteaux was in the past a women’s prison, although nothing like the current. A construction of wide walls that welcomes with a door of a large house and in which are still preserved bars and doors of the prison.

This scenario, paradoxically, fits in the contemporary decoration that has been given to space, in which nothing stands out especially except some popular style artwork and notes of color in furniture that, however, seem to seek to pass in a way Unnoticed. Contrary to what is intended by the Boer cuisine, which has no other intention but to hit the palate with authentic flavors.

The key is the selection of the raw materials used daily in the kitchen, as in any restaurant, and the talent you have to treat them. It Is Seasonal and proximity genre, studied until exhaustion by him. Local Product, from trusted producers or from the Cook’s own orchard, whose goal in the kitchen is to reach its maximum potential through a review with a modern optics of the kitchen of the Netherlands. Although it does not shuns the inclusion of foreign ingredients, provided that best even more the flavors that Loar pursues. The Taste of the vegetable, which both loves, as well as meat and fish.

We Ended Up like him, Jonnie, and his wife Thérése, are presented: we All eat and drink every day, but what we really enjoy is making every daily routine a special experience, and sharing with you our love for refined foods and Beautiful wines. We were Both born and raised in the region around Zwolle. We Spent our childhood catching Zander, choosing the water mint, looking for mushrooms […]. In that kind of environment, how could you not fall in love with all those fabulous regional products? ‘

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