Restaurants in Andalusia with Michelin Stars 2019

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These are the 18 Andalusian restaurants with glitter in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide for Spain. This year Dani Garcia has been the star, going from two to three ‘ macarons ‘.

No One doubts the brilliant years that Andalusia lives, speaking in terms of gastronomy. If last year was the Aponiente of Ángel León, the rest that ascended to the three macaroons, this year the undisputed protagonist has been another great chef, Dani Garcia, who takes the trio of Glitters for his restaurant homonym.

After The Ascent, Andalusia is left without a restaurant with two stars, but has up to 16 houses with a shine. Within This category the novelties have been Lú Cocina y Alma, in Jerez de la Frontera and Bagá, in Jaén. These establishments, of the Cooks Juanlu Fernandez and Pedro Sánchez Jaén, respectively, express the gastronomic grandeur of the south of Spain.
Restaurants in Andalusia with three stars Michelin 2019
Dani García, Marbella (New)

His own, that of Dani Garcia in his homonymous restaurant, are dishes loaded with honesty, that are inspired in the past and in the Andalusian terrain but to those that stamp the stamp of the present and of the culinary presentness. Their success is largely due to the not-so-common ability to present recipes in which all elements have their justification and play a role. The restlessness, creativity, innovation and questioning power of Dani, appears with each menu, which defies the known. Nothing left over, everything is necessary in this restaurant where we develop dishes such as caviar with Andalusian stew and tongue or the risotto of pine nuts and almonds, crab and seasonal mushrooms.

An Old Tidal Mill built during the 17TH century is the imposing local in which is located the Aponiente of the so-called Chef del Mar, Ángel León by birth. The Cook who knows how to read the sea celebrates his first year with three stars, a trio of stars that guide his crew among the waters of Andalusian cuisine, creative and seafaring. His Vision, contemporary and clear, is that of a gifted of the kitchen, a virtuoso of the sea and salt able to create a whole concept on the marine Slaughter, in which they take advantage of unexpected cuts of fish and shellfish. Products, textures and combinations that are an ode to the ability of pleasure that can provoke haute cuisine.

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