Grilled Mackerel with creamy beet and ginger salad: easy and healthy recipe for seasonal good eating

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I have proposed to give more variety to the menus of house betting especially for the fish of season, especially the Blues, that I have something abandoned. In the season of mackerel I encourage you to take a lot of advantage; It is a very economical, nutritious and tasty fish, easy to prepare in recipes like this grilled with creamy beet and ginger salad.

The combination of these two products is not my idea, I found it in a multitude of recipes on British pages and books. I Was curious to try the mix and I loved it, also the beet is now in one of its best moments. A dish full of color and different textures to eat well any day of the week.

For 2 people

Clean Mackerel in fillets 2
Boiled or roasted Beet 1
Fresh Ginger 1 piece to taste
Fresh Cilantro a small bunch
Lemon 1
Dijon Mustard 5 ml
Greek Yogurt or thick cream or freshly beaten cheese (approx.) 40 ml
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Ground black Pepper
Lettuce or other tender green leaf

How to make mackerel with creamy beet salad
Difficulty: Medium

Total Time 30 m
Elaboration 25 m
Cooking 5 m

We Can make the beet salad in advance. Drain well from the cooking liquid, dry with kitchen paper and chop into small cubes. Peel the piece of ginger and finely chop or grate. Wash, dry and chop cilantro.

Mix these ingredients in a bowl, add a stream of half the lemon and season lightly. Add mustard, yogurt or alternative and mix well. Try and adjust the ingredients to taste, correcting the acidity or the creamy spot. Book.

The easiest Thing is to ask in the fishmonger to clean the horses, separating each unit in two fillets. Clean before cooking, removing possible debris from fins, and gently rinsing with cold water. Gently Dry.

Heat olive oil in a good frying pan or griddle, season lightly and cook the fillets of mackerel over medium-strong heat, first by the part of the skin. Let’S make it crisp. Turn around with a suitable spatula and cook it just on the other side, just one or two more minutes.

Garnish with a little lemon juice on the side of the meat and serve the dishes by handing the beet salad with the fillets of mackerel, always with the skin up. Accompany some lettuce or other green leaves, and more fresh cilantro if desired.

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