UMO, Japan smokes in Madrid

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Under the name of UMO, this Japanese restaurant specializing in the technique of Robata gives Madrid one of the most anticipated gastronomic inaugurations. Japanese Grill and aesthetics on par.

Among the various Japanese cooking techniques, the robata is one of the most revered. It Is a grill with two thousand years of history that in the restaurant UMO of Madrid they use as central axis for a specialized gastronomic offer and very tasty. Chefs Hugo Muñoz and Mariano Barrero, armed with Japanese philosophy and wisdom, have designed a menu that is cooked at the sight of the diner and who experiments with concrete products such as black cod or matured picaña. The instrument can roast all kinds of materials, from vegetables such as the legendary edamame to Juicy ox burgers, which are accompanied by Chinese bread and Sisho.

In The local queen the bar, which occupies the main space. Part of it is destined to the healthy raw kitchen, a space reserved for the fish that has not faced the heat. This is the site of Nigiris, Rolls, Usuzukuris and sashimis but with a twist that looks at the national gastronomy, as shown by the nigiri of bacon cured with fried egg or the usuzukuri of hamachi with Iberian ham. A trio of tartares-salmon with pickled celery and outbreaks of shisho, tuna and Galician algae; of bull with egg of yolk and fresh ginger-round the bet by the crude.

The Restaurant has an area of 400 m2, and its physiognomy is designed by the architecture studio Singular Project. The diaphanous and the luminous are the guidelines that mark the interiorism. This amount of light is achieved thanks to the more than a dozen large windows distributed throughout the premises. In The main space, the Queen is the bar, which is articulated in the area of production, with live cooking with two robatas and a few meters destined to the art of the cocktail.

The success of the proposal is endorsed by the trajectory of the two chefs. Hugo Muñoz was tanned at the Kabuki Wellington Restaurant of Ricardo Sanz, where he met the mysteries and tricks of Japanese cuisine. After that professional moment, he was head chef at the KaButoKaji restaurant. Mariano Barrero has a trajectory of 10 years in NODE, a pioneering restaurant of the Japanese and Spanish fusion.

The greedy End is given by several fantasies in sweet: the toast of croissant dough, a striking and peculiar brownie of green tea and white chocolate, the aerial black chocolate mousse with orange gel and the Japanese cheesecake, extremely spongy and very Feature. The recipe, collects the textures appreciated in Japan and brings them to us, so that the food is rounded in a nebula of sweetness.

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