José Carlos García, home of Malaga haute cuisine

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From This restaurant, located in an unbeatable setting, the chef José Carlos García presents a proposal of haute cuisine Malaga where the most important is the balance between tradition and innovation, with the flavor as essential reference.

On the Pier One of the port of Malaga, next to the Plaza de la Capilla, has its base a reflex of its surroundings. Of the Mediterranean, which is overlooking from this privileged vantage point in the sea, and the city and province itself, with the cathedral and The Alcazaba of the capital as great symbols. It Is the restaurant José Carlos García.

Its Architect, the Malaga chef who gives it his name, is one of the biggest representatives of the cuisine of his land. He has managed to work the local traditions in a special way. It Has managed to take them to their terrain, taking their own raw materials and transforming in an extension of their personality. Create with what exists. Look here, but also beyond. Author’s Cuisine in an endless evolution.

All of them are the keys that have made your kitchen unique. Because It is haute cuisine, what a doubt it can be, but an elevated gastronomy intimately yours. Born of his fist and handwriting. José Carlos García’s dishes are from José.

Both in the room, overlooking the yachts moored on the pier and the establishment’s own kitchen, as on the terrace, from which some of the most important monuments of the city can be seen, the gastronomic experience of this restaurant is developed. A proposal articulated in a gourmet menu with two options, one of more than twenty dishes and another with a lower number, plus a menu of about fifteen dishes. Contemporary in which there is no shortage of frying, cold soups and constant winks to tradition. Versatility is evident.

We Find dishes such as pigeon with pasta and stew of their legs; that of foie Marino made with monkfish liver, accompanied by sweet tomato and miso soup; A veal fillet with roasted eggplant and peppers; A mackerel escorted by cucumber and mustard; A red mullet with critics, black garlic and pomegranate, or desserts as surprising as the seaweed cookie with yogurt and the polvorón of sunflower seeds, presented with a typical wrapping of traditional sweet.

The Restaurant José Carlos García is one of the most appreciated gastronomic spaces in Andalusia and the South peninsular as testified by its Michelin star.

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