Plough, the other house of Diego Gallegos in Fuengirola

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Diego Gallegos Opens the doors of Plough, the restaurant that emerges as a gastronomic space completely opposed to Sollo, the house in which ‘ the chef of Caviar ‘ looks like a Michelin star.

Plow wants to be the counterpart of Sollo. Diego Gallegos has thus imagined his new project in Malaga Fuengirola, the result of the union with the hotel complex Reserve Higuerón. The Restaurant will be a place where «the chef of Caviar» will have fun creating, in a more informal way, without the rigors demanded by a Michelin star gourmet like the one who commands in the same enclave.

The space proposal, which opened its doors at the beginning of April, will be a journey through childhood, travel and influences of the cook. A concept full of cosmopolitanism that will mainly establish a connection between kitchens of the world. The fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian, Andalusian and Oriental culinary essences.

Taking as its name the denomination of a bird of the Lusophone country from which it originates, Brazil, the Bistro Bar offers fresh and very attractive dishes. Recipes that take you on a trip to the diner through sparkling flavors, of eminent South American character, with the intention of being shared. For this Reason, two-person versions have been created so that they can be placed in the center of the table By degusting in communion.

To its tables, with impressive views to the Bay of Fuengirola, come dishes such as Korean BBQ, a marinated salmon and fried with tender garlic and barbecue sauce on a pita bread and Creole sauce; The french fries with a huancaína foam; The Peruvian pork sandwich with Creole sauce and sweet potato glazed with black garlic mayonnaise and arugula; Oysters with yellow chili and cilantro tiger milk; A traditional curry with beef tongue stew… As Well as a rice, like the pilaf with chicken and mushrooms with cured cheese, or a feijoada, the typical Brazilian spoon dish with black beans.

In The restaurant Plowing also do not forget the desserts and in menu we find the hazelnut and chocolate, described as “a delight similar to the Nocilla”, prepared «to share»; or the particular version of Diego Gallegos of tarts such as cheese or lemon, which is presented in different textures.

Equilibrium, continuous innovation and unbeatable product are the keys to the new project of one of the chefs most concerned with research and experimentation behind the stove.

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