Bodega Casa Morales, historia viva sevillana

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In Seville, fortunately, there are a good handful of spaces like Casa Morales. Wineries of yesteryear with all its essence, with this offer of popular Andalusian cuisine and wines of the Earth.

Some call it Bodegas Morales. Others are passed to the singular to refer to it as Bodega E. Morales. And Others familiarize the denomination by staying with Casa Morales. Although The sign of the entry, which recalls its founding in 1850, Pray “Children of E. Morales.” Discrepancies that bring out an intimate relationship with those who feel those four walls as part of themselves. Of those who feel at home before the dilapidated walls of a temple of the essences Sevillanas.

It Is considered one of the oldest bars in the Andalusian capital, specifically the second oldest. A tavern that has never renounced the jack, horse and King that define the essences of a space like his: tapas, traditional stews and a popular cuisine. Of the indispensable sausages, cheeses, pork and salted to open the appetite or to have a snack we pass to spoon plates of those who revive. Often with chickpeas, spinach with more chickpeas or blood in onions are just some of the dishes offered in your long letter.

The offer of preparations continues with a long display of montaditos of various kinds, exquisite tapas like that of homemade pringá, greaves or fried pescaíto and strong dishes of both meat and fish. It is worth Highlighting the stew of Toro de Lidia, the cod, the squid in its ink, the kidneys cooked in sherry, the scorpion cake, the salmon loin, the ham with Salmorejo or the pie with foie gras.

The irrigation of both taste buds is done with some of the wines that populate the shelves that adorn the two stays of this space, one with impressive jars of clay, with access from two streets. They Are Wines of Valdepeñas, of which initially sold this business in bulk, and other wines of nearby origins and the rest of Spain. Letting yourself be advised by the experienced waiters will be a good and enriching idea.

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