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A particular miracle is being done At Granada’s FM Bar. The good cooked product. The exaltation of raw materials without pretension. That of the good, straight kitchen, simple and to the point. An inescapable paper tablecloth restaurant.

Works are loves, not good reasons. And the kitchen is basic and fundamentally product. That which is so much invoked everywhere. That illustrious one who everywhere seems to be. The one in everyone’s mouth and yet it is only in the kitchen of a few. Haute cuisine Dining Rooms and noble houses like the bar FM in Granada.

A couple, a perfectly penetrated tandem, is responsible for working his particular miracle in this humble local, located in one of the most secluded neighborhoods of the center of the Andalusian city. They Are Rosa Macías, the cook responsible for the success of this bar without tables, and Francisco Martín, the always smiling servant behind the bar.

In a room of austere decoration in which there are neither tables nor chairs, only a classic bar of stainless steel and their respective stools where the concurrent public is accommodated, it looms a product brought in the day from the next coast of Motril, fresh as few , and of undeniable quality. The Best of the best, always.

Vegetable dishes such as Padrón peppers, salmorejo with RAF tomato or fried eggplant, join the dishes of the fish and shellfish that are so well treated in the FM, one of the best bars in Spain in this specialty for many.

Diners usually crowd the bar in search of the popular dry octopus, left from the kitchen of Rosa. The devour Coquinas of Huelva, the fried anchovies, so well passed by the oil; The Chopitos, barely dressed because they do not need more; Its remarkable white prawns, of taste as immaculate as its name; The tiptoes, which reach the degree of art in this temple; The anchovies, triggers of extreme salivations; Or the tortillitas of shrimp, essential.

The dishes available in the day can be seen on the boards that preside the bar. A first fix, which shows the dishes that can not be missed daily in the FM, and another that varies according to what has been able to get Paco that day. Both in the nearby Motril, as well as in Galician or Catalan markets from where in the same way this portentous plate of Granada is supplied, able to reach the most precise of the cooking points, enhancing aromas, flavors and textures.

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