Kabuki Raw, the rubric of Ricardo Sanz in Malaga lands

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With the chef Luis Olarra on the ground, Kabuki Raw located at Finca Cortesin offers one of the best faces of Ricardo Sanz’s kitchen with the surroundings of the province of Malaga.

With the 2016 edition of the Michelin Guide, chef Ricardo Sanz added a fourth star to his medal winners, thus completing the poker of his Kabuki restaurants. He Already had two in Madrid, one for the house in which began everything and another by the headquarters in the Hotel Wellington, a third for the space that directs in Guía de Isora, Abama Kabuki, and in those last weeks of 2015 in which was made public the gastronomic record closed the CÍRCU I’ll have it with the fourth macaroon for Kabuki Raw.

Two years was enough, counting, to get it. The space located in one of the most luxurious hotel complexes in the world according to a good part of the international critics, Finca Cortesin, in Casares, very close to Marbella, got an Astro of the culinary guide par excellence with the brilliance of a Japanese cuisine Emphatically with the unmistakable ‘ Kabuki seal ‘.

To The Front Culinaryly Speaking is one of many and so much appreciated disciples of Sanz, the chef Luis Olarra. A professional developed with the Spanish teacher of the Japanese in Kabuki Wellington in this space is shown with notoriety. On The one hand he has moved the unequivocal spirit of any of the restaurants under this brand and, on the other, has been able to make the land of Malaga and its cuisine.

Emblems of this awareness of the environment are the excellent tortillas of wild shrimp, the so particular Ajoblanco or the usuzukuri of Toro and bread of Muffin, a curious vision of the bread with ham and tomato Andalusian. They add the classics that can not be missed in this House and appear in the room directed by Hiromi Okura, another historical of Wellington, and assisted in a matter of wine by sommelier Agustín Navarro. A dining room, by the way, with a different decoration to the other spaces in which the colors dominate black, white and red, without leaving aside the usual Japanese simplicity, without stridency.

The dishes with which you delight continue with your royal crayfish sashimi with ponzu sauce, the salmon tartar with barnyard egg, the tuna nigiri with Dijon mustard, several cuts of bluefin tuna or the lofty knives roasted in a very special coal , imported directly from Japan to the restaurant, which ensures a slow and long cooking in which the mollusk can be shown in a better way. As in all the spaces of Sanz, the product is of the best of the market and the deals in kitchen assure its best flavor. Here, as far as the hotel is concerned, perhaps this quality grows even more. Kabuki at its purest.

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